Quality Performing Arts Coaching

Located in San Antonio, Texas, The Farrar Performing Arts Studio

offers instruction and coaching for students in:

Voice, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Composing and Acting.


With over 20 years of teaching experience, Lee Farrar Bailey has taught all age groups, both male and female, with numerous clients being accepted in some of the most prestigious music schools, conservatories and companies the country has to offer.


If you are looking to fulfill simple goals or you have dreams and ambitions for a performing arts career, Lee will custom design a teaching syllabus especially for you or your child.


You do not have to be in San Antonio to take advantage of quality performing arts instruction and coaching. 

Lee teaches online via Skype or Facetime.


For lesson times, scheduling, tuition & packages,

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Call for inquries (210) 551-4817 or


Email us at:





(If space is available, a student may enroll at any time during the year)

Fall - September - December

Spring - January to May

Summer - June - August



Voice - Private or Group (6-10 required for group) 

Guitar - Private or Group (4-6 required for group)

Piano - Private

Songwriting - Private or Group (6-10 required for group)

Composing - Private or Group (6-10 required for group)

Acting - Private or Group (6-10 required for group)


Lesson Length


Private - 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute & 90 minute

Group - 60 minute & 90 minute




A Message for You


I believe that everyone can grow and develop by performing arts instruction.

It is absolutely proven to enhance and broaden a person's life in almost every area.

If you have a desire to sing or play and instrument, do not let fear and doubt stop you.  

You are not too old or too young to benefit from it.

Music is meant to be shared.

You do not have to be famous or sell millions of albums to be significant,

accomplished and qualified. You can enjoy the growth process and learn to

stretch your artistic and creative side.

It will, no doubt, enhance your life and bring you joy.

Don't wait another second. Believe in yourself.  

Step out in faith and follow your heart.

This is my belief and I know it applies to you too...without a doubt.

The Farrar Performing Arts Studio's mission:


To pioneer new artistic ground,

to develop artists across all barriers and disciplines, and

to celebrate the artistry of others.


Take that step.  

You'll be glad you did.


Lee Farrar Bailey


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