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“A life in music with heavy exposure to world-class singers, conductors, and directors; Lee’s connections extend deeply and his knowledge of the voice, repertoire, and stage craft is immense. Most importantly, his sincere faith and friendship ensure an excellent mentor and coach.”


John Mathieu - Former consulting client & now a scholarship recipient and graduate student at The Chicago Conservatory of Music @ Roosevelt University.

"Lee Farrar Bailey is not only a fantastic teacher but a wonderful, kind-hearted soul that goes above and beyond. I will always cherish our time together and will always be very appreciative of the knowledge that was taught to me that I still use to this day!"


Mandie Manzano - Freelance Artist and animator for Dreamworks & Disney.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent learning under Lee.

I discovered my voice and gained the confidence necessary to perform. He taught me how to control my breath and use it to access those higher notes that I thought were out of my range. The material was tailored to my interests, which kept it exciting! On top of teaching me the technical aspects of singing, he mentored me during my college search process and gave me great advice on my future plans. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality vocal coach!"


Jack Sauls - Graduationg High School Senior

"My daughter came to Lee's studio as a young girl who dreamed of performing.  The first thing she was taught was proper vocal technique as her vocal range was gradually widened by strengthening her weak spots.  This now allows her control over her voice with a super wide range.  Her first music was selected for building her voice and range. Lee uses his expertise to help her select music that is appropriate and repertoire building.  She has explored all types of music, pop, folk, Christian, traditional, musical theater and opera.  She loves opera,  Lee taught her proper pronouncation of the foreign language pieces and how to translate them in her mind so she knows what she is singing and how it should feel.  When Lee relocated to San Antonio we were sad to see him go. Thank goodness we live in such a high tech era.  She now takes lessons with him online and it seems to be working out well.  Lee is a truly talented musician and teacher.  He has coached and produced two cds for my daughter, even playing piano and guitar on some tracks. His knowledge of different genres is vast.  He will help her work on her other musical interests including: choir pieces, music for church, performances and competitions.  If you are looking for a teacher that knows what he is doing and cares about you, he is your man."


Cindy Howell 
Mother of client: Miriam Howell

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