Take a listen to Miriam Howell.  

Miriam is a student of the Farrar Performing Arts Studio and a consulting client of our young artist program.

Coming to us with raw natural abilities, Miriam was trained in vocal technique, coached in repertoire, learned languages in the context of the selections she studied, and was trained how to present her performances through character building via our acting training. 
We now have recorded and produced two demo promotional cds for her that specifically show her range, taking into consideration her age and her current vocal ability. 
Miriam has been personally introduced to professors at two universities so far.

Now a junior in high school, Miriam has decided to have a career in the arts and is way ahead of the game in her college enrollment process.  Now on the radar of very fine universities with fantastic music programs, Miriam has already had the privilege of receiving private coaching sessions with vocal department professors from these two universities who are part of SarahSong's Young Artist Program's plethora of connections and contacts from colleges, universities and conservatories across the United States.

She is on her way.

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